Prove Yourself Wrong


Stop being afraid to try something. Especially if you think it’s a good idea, don’t be afraid. Don’t be weak. If you’re afraid of life, if you’re afraid of failing, if you’re afraid of not making it, not finding the answer, I’m here to tell you that your worrying is pointless. If you want someone to tell you that everything will be OK and that someone will come along and hand you everything you want in life, then you’re stupid, sorry. You’re not going to get that. No one is going to give you that, no one.

Listen. No one is going to make you succeed, no one is going to make everything okay, no one is going to give you anything. No one, except yourself. You are going to make you succeed, you are going to make everything ok, you are going to give yourself the freedom to do anything!

You just have to stop being afraid. You need to know that everything will be okay because you’re going to make it okay. Convince yourself.

You have to try, but you have to give it 100%. Not just half-assed, but full on. Show yourself it’s possible. Prove everyone wrong and most importantly, prove yourself wrong.  You need to fight against yourself. Fight against your worries, fight against your doubts, fight against your struggles. You’re going to rise up. You’re going to make your own wishes come true because you’re in control. Get your mind right, because honestly, anything is possible when you’re in the right state of mind. It’s been proven, over and over again. The one’s who’ve made it believed in their goals, believed in their thought process, believed in their ideas. It’s all about you, your thoughts, your actions. It’s your life and you only get one. Don’t be a bitch and own it!


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