Block Out Those Road Blocks


Sometimes, you’re going to hit road blocks. That’s just life. It’s testing you, pushing you towards your limits. It’s making you the best you can be. It’s making you great!

It sucks when you hit a road block. It sucks when you feel stuck. It especially sucks when you come up with a great idea that you’re actually trying to implement it, but someone comes out of nowhere with something similar first. Road blocks come out of no where all the time. They’re usually unpredictable when you don’t know where to look for it.

You may feel like you’re on a roll, innovating, creating new things. And then, BAM! You hit a wall. You may have thought of it first, but they got it done first.

It will make you feel like shit. It will make you feel like you’re totally out of options, that you should give up because you’re plans have been ruined. You will want to give up. This is when you need to stop yourself of a second to think. This is the moment that will make you or break you. The next decision you make after this will be one of the most important decisions of your life. It will steer you in a whole new direction.

If you’re truly passionate about something, don’t stop creating it. Why be sad? Why be upset? Wasting time being upset about something is just that, wasting time. So what if someone else made it? You’re still your own person. No one can copy you. Don’t focus on them and just keep focusing on you. Make it better. Make it your own. Make it your brand. Give it your touch. Make it your signature.

It’s hard for startups because they don’t have as many resources as mature businesses, but it’s still possible. Get your mindset right, block out those road blocks, and don’t stop fighting.

-Mindset Hero


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